The Main Event

The Main Event

We’ll organize and host an event for your company on a topic of your choice. We can work with you to come up with a unique custom format for the event, or we can follow one of the proven formats that we’ve used in the past:

Techdirt Greenhouse — This has been an amazingly successful program run by Techdirt to create day-long “idea workshops” with a specific model for brainstorming around 9 separate ideas. While most of our Greenhouse offerings have been public, with this option you can either sponsor an entire Greenhouse event for the public (and feel free to charge admission) or you can hold a private Greenhouse session for your company. We’ve done a few such “mini-Greenhouses” on a specific topics and it really gets energy flowing and works as a great “off-site” event that gets people thinking creatively.

Techdirt Saves* — Based on the Techdirt Greenhouse model, these events focus on broader industries and sectors instead of specific organizations. The asterisk in the name is intentional: we’re not so bold as to claim we’re going to “save” anything, and in most cases nothing needs “saving” anyway. We’re just tired of all the hyperbole about “dying” industries.

Purchasing this package also gets you:

This package is limited to events in the United States. For more information, or to arrange an event outside the US, please contact us. When you complete your purchase, we will contact you to make arrangements.