Mike Speaks

Mike Speaks

Need a fresh voice for your event? Techdirt founder Mike Masnick is an in-demand speaker who has presented in a wide variety of venues including the MIDEM music industry conference, the Congressional Internet Caucus and the Consumer Electronics Show. Mike doesn’t just speak at conferences: he’s been a regular speaker at corporate events, executive retreats and other discussions, talking about a variety of topics including digital media business models, the future of the music industry, the secrets of Silicon Valley innovation, marketing in a digital era, the end of advertising and many other topics.

With this package, Mike will work with you on a topic for your event or executive meeting/retreat and create a special customized presentation for it that will be both entertaining and enlightening. This can be a meeting for just your company, a public conference or it can be a separate salon where either you can invite special guests, or we can open it up to the public. Feel free to charge admission. As a part of this he’ll also be involved in a long open discussion following the presentation.

Purchasing this package also gets you:

Speaking engagements are limited to events in the United States only. For more details, or to book Mike for an event outside the US, please contact us. When you complete your purchase, we will contact you to make arrangements.