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Day With Techdirt

If you’re not local to the SF Bay Area, getting here is up to you. But after that, Mike Masnick and the rest of the Techdirt crew will meet you (and up to 1 guest) at the famous Bucks of Woodside—where all the cool kids go for breakfast with VCs. In that spirit, we’ll chow down a few flapjacks while half-listening to you and then tell you that your startup is not at the right stage for us (or not quite a good fit with the rest of our portfolio), but that we love your business ideas and if you get some traction our door might still be open for a later investment round. After you’ve recovered from this standard VC rejection speech, we can shrug it off and say we were just practicing for a real VC meeting.

After our breakfast at Buck’s, we’ll head down to our office, and you can witness the blogging machine that is Masnick and hang out in some nondescript cubes (or maybe a conference room?) in a fairly typical startup environment. We’ll bring some Nerf toys and toss them around while throwing out random suggestions for how to monetize a me-too web service in a unique way. We’ll probably come up with about two dozen really cool domain names—and maybe even register a few of them if they’re not already taken. Just when we’ve run out of ideas, we’ll meet up with some folks who have experienced the heydays of Silicon Valley before the Great Recession.

That means lunch with Mark Fletcher, Rich Skrenta, Eric Goldman or Andy Kessler, and it’s your time to actually ask some serious questions about starting up businesses in a practical way. (Or you can chat about the state of intellectual property law with Masnick and Eric.) The location of lunch will be decided based on how all our schedules match up, so we can only promise one featured guest at lunch, but we’ll certainly try to get more of them to join us.

After that, the real work starts. Join us back at the office for some true blogging from the trenches. Help us track down story ideas, do research, analyze recent court rulings, schedule posts, endlessly discuss headline ideas, and do any number of the unexpected things that might arise in an Awesome Day With Techdirt.

Purchasing this package also gets you:

As noted, this package takes place in San Francisco Bay Area—getting here is up to you. Please contact us for more information. When you complete your purchase, we will contact you to make arrangements.